Sunday, December 18, 2011

On the Move!!!

I'm not sure that this counts as "official" crawling, but the girl is most certainly moving.  This is a pretty big milestone, considering we weren't sure that Abby would ever crawl.  I love when my girl proves "them" wrong!!

You can also get a pretty good view of the rolling AND pushing to a sitting position all by herself!  That wasn't even what I was going for when I took the video--added bonus!  (Sorry it all kind of fell apart at the end there!)  :)


joan's blessings said...

yay Abby!!!! that is crawling to me and awesome how she sat herself up..way to go to prove those drs wrong!

Debbie said...

Dear Abby, You truly make my heart smile. I especially love the dynamic roll you use to get your momentum at such a speed that you can launch yourself upright!!! Go Abby Go!!!!

Erika said...

This is fabulous!!! Go Abby go!!!!