Friday, December 23, 2011

Gingerbread House

One of Caleb's (8, now, thanks to the tear-off links he made at preschool!) Advent calendars has pockets with a special treat written on a little slip each day.  Sometimes it's an activity, like go Christmas caroling, something it's a prize, like eat a special dessert, and sometimes it's a get-out-of-jail free card, like a no-chores day! 

Last Tuesday, his slip said we would make a gingerbread house together...and make it, we did!  I lathered on the icing while the boy meticulously placed each and every piece of candy.  We also made windows and doors and drew faces on the windows with edible markers.  Caleb even made "bushes" out of icing and candy so that Abby could enjoy a taste too.  He'd just eat the candy for her so she wouldn't choke.  Isn't he thoughtful?  :)

Caleb gets bitter if people eat his house though.  I keep telling him that's what it is for!

The reindeer (like a cheap Elf on the Shelf) got into the gingerbread house the other night and ate all of the M&Ms off of one section.  He even had frosting on his nose!

Caleb even flipped all of the Skittles over S-side down to keep Matt from eating them all (Matt likes Skittles, but not M&Ms.)  Matt's too smart for that though, and was able to pick them out by their slightly rounder shape. 

Were you aware that the gingerbread house is a German tradition?  True story!

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