Monday, March 29, 2010

Wicked Reviews

Welp, we finally saw Wicked.  It only took 3 tries!!  Here are my thoughts on the show:

*  The lead (Elphiba) was played by her standby. At first, we were really annoyed at this and figured that she wouldn't be any good since she didn't even have another part in the show.  Then we realized that this girl's sole job was to study the character and be totally ready for it at a moment's notice.  It is such a HUGE part that it's unfair to expect someone to learn it well while performing another part.  The girl was AWESOME!  No Idina Menzel, but still very good.  She could definitely do the part.

*  The show itself was rather dark and scary.  I was prepared for this because I read the vile, atrocious, putrid, mildly difficult to read book and knew that at least some of the mood had to be portrayed in the show.  However, I was not prepared for the number of YOUNG children (4 and 5 year olds!!) that were in attendance.  I know that Caleb would have been scared to death of it.  It just isn't a kid's's not Wizard of Oz, people!

*  I was incredibly thankful that the musical did not follow the book very closely.  While it took the author 7 chapters to discuss Elphiba's childhood, the musical did it in about 5 minutes!  I can honestly say I was a little nervous that the musical was going to follow the book, but it really didn't.  (Have I mentioned that I despised the book????)  Seriously, don't read it.  Don't waste your time. 

*  "Defy Gravity" was a little surreal to me.  It was AMAZING!!!!  I loved "Changed for Good" too.

*  Next to Alphiba's awesomeness, poor Feierro just didn't measure up.  He was a pretty-boy, but also pretty-weak.  It was kind of pitiful. 

*  I fell in love with the goat. I can't remember his name...Dr. somebody...but he was sooooo cute!  (I'm a sucker for goats in general!)

*  The character of Glinda annoyed me a bit.  I never pictured her as self-centered and nasty in The Wizard of Oz.  She was just the good witch!  Throughout the entire show, she was always looking out for herself and trying to make herself the center of attention.  It wasn't until the very end that she finally got it.  I just wish she matched the original character a little more.

*  Alphiba (the wicked witch) is extremely misunderstood.  I found myself feeling sorry for her!!

*  I won't give away the ending, but it surprised me and kind of annoyed me. 

*  I LOVED all of the allusions to The Wizard of Oz!  Matt and I pointed them out to each other, because some of them were easy to miss.  ("Which witch is which?")  They even had Dorothy's shadow at one point. 

*  I bought a very cute tshirt that says "Wicked" with some flowers. I really wanted the Defy Gravity shirt, but alas, they were sold out.  I love this one too though.  Just don't ask me how much it cost...

Soooooo, those are my thoughts on the show.  All in all, I loved it!  It's not your typical musical, so don't go having that kind of mindset if you see it.  If you do get to see it, let me know what you thought!


Katie said...

My parents just got back from NYC and saw it. They met the girl who was the understudy and she worked with some of the theater kids. Not sure if it was the same girl, though...

Caleb's Mom said...

Did they go with the musical theatre/chamber group? My friends saw it in NYC too. Their son was in NYC with CHS. Is that where your dad still works?