Wednesday, March 17, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Wow, I haven't done one of these in a looooooong time!  I had a few things in mind, so I figured why not?

Tumblebooks.  These books have been so great for us!  They are online books that include the original illustrations with animation on top of them.  You can either have them read to you, or your child can read them him/herself.  There are educational games that go along with most of them too.  While most of the games are beyond Caleb, the books aren't!  They really capture his attention and are way better than watching cartoons all day long.  The best thing is that with the link from our local library (above), Tumblebooks are completely free!  The library has a subscription that everyone can use!  We look at several books each night, and we even found a book we'd checked out of the library a few weeks ago!  They're a wonderful find.

*  Beer bread and dip from Tastefully Simple.  I truly love TS's products.  They're, well, simple, and tasty!  I have bought quite a few things from them over the last few years and have only tasted a few things I didn't enjoy.  My current obsession is beer bread and dip.  I pretty much love any kind of dip, and the beer bread is so yummy!  I also made a TS recipe for beer cheese soup using potato soup, beer, and cheddar cheese.  Matt, the non-soup eater, LOVED it!  I will definitely be making it again.

*  Cranium Games.  Pretty much any of them.  They are all educational and fun, but did I mention they're educational??  I especially like the ice fishing ABC game because Caleb can do letter/sound recognition now and spelling later.  The only one I'm not crazy about is the Duck 1-2-3 game, just because there's not much to it.  Caleb can already count to 20+, so this duck that goes to 3 really isn't that exciting for him.  However, he does enjoy playing with the ducks!  Other than that one, they are all fab-u-lous!

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LWiltsey said...

I know, beer bread and spinach dip are the best! That's the biggest thing I miss about being a TS consultant...always having beer bread at my fingertips! I did stock up when I put in my last order as a consultant!

I'll have to try that made it up or found it online?