Friday, March 12, 2010

The New Addition

The newest addition to our family is Molly, and she's quite a beauty!  Midnight blue in color, she's sleek, thin, and 15.9" across!  Her best feature is her vast memory!

Yes, Molly is my new laptop!  I was feeling the need for a new one, as my old laptop was a "new to me" donation courtesy of a grant a parent got from the White House (yes, my laptop was used by government officials...maybe the president!!)  :)  However, the deal was pretty much sealed when it started randomly shutting down last night for no apparent reason (I knew the hard drive was bad and it was just a matter of time!), and then Caleb popped a key off using his grabber (it was an accident--he wasn't actually grabbing the key--but he still shouldn't have had the grabber near it!)

So, this little lady was rescued from the claws of Office Depot today!  I'm still getting used to her, but I think we'll be good friends!

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