Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Matt and I went to my first hockey game last night with our good friends Jenn and Steven.  Jenn and I gave Steven and Matt tickets for Valentine's Day.

They played the Ottawa Senators, and it was intense!  They ended up losing in the last 30 seconds of overtime, but it was a really good game between two excellent teams.  I have to admit that it was much more exciting than baseball!!

Between periods, they did a game with Chris Cooley and some other Redskin player I didn't know.  They were quite entertaining!

There was also a short peewee hockey game.  There was one little girl who was so much smaller than all of the others that she just couldn't keep up.  She just sort of skated (walked is more like it!) around the rink aimlessly until Slapshot carried her off!

I would definitely go to another game.  It was a lot of fun with good company!  The highlight was the walk back to the car when Steven danced a jig in the middle of the intersection to the beat of the street drummers.  The little boys walking near us thought he was so cool!  I'm sure his mother was going to have a talk with them when they got to the car about the effects of alcohol....little do they know that this is just Steven's personality!!  :)  I wish I'd had my camera out then....

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