Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beauty of Baseball

When I decided to decorate Caleb's room with a baseball theme, Barbara offered to make him a baseball quilt.  I jumped at the chance to have something homemade with love to adorn his bed!  (I barely sew buttons on, so the chance of Caleb having something I sewed is pretty much unexistent!)

I found a bunch of baseball patterns, but some of them were rather tacky baseball and not what I was looking for!  Barbara found one that was tasteful baseball and I love it! 

She got it professionally quilted by a woman in Charlotte who is apparently quite sought after!  The woman did a fabulous job putting the finishing touches on Barbara's already beautiful sewing!

The border was striped, which I adore!  They're my favorite!

The backing was a very cute print of a little boy with a ball and bat, but he was also playing with trucks and other things.  It was "subtle" baseball, which I liked!

She even made a pillow out of the backing print (with a little baseball trim--very cute!)

The quilt definitely finished the room and tied everything together.  It is officially a baseball room now!!

Thank you so much, Barbara!  I love it!!

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