Thursday, March 4, 2010

The aftermath

I have had a night to process, to research, to talk-it-out with family, to cry, to pray, and to hug my little boy.  Something I read about another person's experience struck me.  Because I have proven that I can have a baby, a lot of people seem to have the mindset that at least you have one. Yes, that is true.  And I am extremely thankful and grateful for Caleb.  HOWEVER, that does not make our current situation any easier, and saying that to me does not make me feel any better.  So save it!  (Sorry if that's harsh...but the woman whose blog I read last night voiced this same feeling and I couldn't agree more!)

However, I also have a new outlook on some things now that we have a plan.  I'm thankful for our families who have been wonderfully patient through all of this and who haven't asked too many questions to avoid pressuring us!  I'm thankful for my friends who have come along side of me and prayed us through a lot of this.  I'm thankful for one couple in particular who gone down this road and who have been right there to answer all of our questions and calm a lot of fears.   I'm thankful for modern medicine and the fact that they can figure out what is wrong with just a few viles of blood.  I'm extremely thankful for our doctor, because it is pretty obvious to us that we are in really good hands.  I'm thankful that we are financially stable enough to embrace the fairly good chance of multiples (25% chance of twins!!!!!), because this would have been difficult to swallow a few years ago.  I'm thankful that our house is big enough to hold twins!!  

I'm extremely thankful for my husband, who has been pretty patient with the moodiness that comes along with hormones.  My typically emotional self has been on overdrive recently!  Naturally, I'm very thankful for my little boy.  He is just so sweet!  :)

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