Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday Funday

Today was our last day of hanging out until Abby gets her wound vac out tomorrow.  Matt will be here around lunch time to pick us up!

Today, Abby and I went for a walk around the gardens. It was such a beautiful day with low humidity that Abby could finally spend some time outside!

Abby was ecstatic to find 21 Kindness Project rocks in the garden!!!  We found one and started hunting until our bag was full!  

We brought them back to her room, added some embellishments, and Abby picked out her 3 favorites to keep. A little later, we rehid the rocks all around the outside of the hospital property--and found 3 more Kindness rocks!  It definitely brightened our day and we hope they brighten someone else's!  If you're not familiar with the Kindness Rocks movement, look it up on Facebook!  We have been painting and hiding rocks all summer in our county and it is SO much fun!  Painting rocks is so relaxing and therapeutic.  The kids have really enjoyed it too!

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