Saturday, July 1, 2017

Post op Day 1

Matt and Caleb drove up this morning, after hitting lots of beach traffic.  Abby was thrilled to see them!  She isn't allowed to leave her room because of the wound vac, but I have been reading to her a lot and we have been coloring.  Matt brought her wheelchair up and she sat in that for several hours, which is always better for her lungs and back than sitting in the bed.

She has needed a fair amount of bipap during the day due to high respiratory rates consistently in the 70s and even in the 80s a few times.  Sadly, that may mean she will have to go to the pulmonary floor again instead of our beloved surgical floor.  Everyone on the pulm floor is super sweet!  Abby just missed all of her surg nurse friends.  The PICU doctor wanted Abby to stay there one more night before moving her, to monitor the bipap needs a bit more.  We will see what they say tomorrow.

Otherwise, we are just hanging out until we get the results on Monday.  It's kind of good that the waiting period happened over a weekend when not as much can get done anyway. 

Tonight I'm at RMH with my favorite little boy.  We played some air hockey, listened to music, watched part of a movie, and played on the computer.  We also brainstormed some ideas for our staycation.  :). 

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