Friday, July 7, 2017

Here for a Few More Days

Abby woke up really well after surgery and was watching Mary Poppins in the PACU.  We were happy to be able to go back to our room on the 4th floor instead of the PICU!  

We are here for a few more days while we figure out Abby's breathing once again.  It's been mentioned that this respiratory rate of 80-100 breaths per minute might be the new normal, which I can't accept!  I didn't even like the new normal of 60 bpm!!  If her rate increases after every surgery...well, we can't have that. The pulmonologist reiterated the concern of her catching a minor cold being very bad for her.  Looking at her tiny little lungs on an X-ray today was disheartening.

Caleb was able to go down to the atrium today for Video Game Day with Microsoft.  He was pretty much in heaven playing Minecraft for 2 hours!  I was shocked that there were open gaming systems the entire time we were there!  I thought it was going to be packed!  He also got a nice drawstring bag and aluminum water bottle, which we can always use!

This evening, they allowed Abby to get up and walk around a bit.  It was nice not being tied down by heart, lung, and CO2 monitors!!  We spent time in the playroom and sat on my bed playing games.  She really liked my new pillow, but got sassy when I tried to take her picture.  I caught her mid eye roll!

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