Friday, July 28, 2017

Just hanging out!

Abby had a good day today!  She has been feeling pretty good as long as she gets Tylenol and Motrin regularly.  The "donor site" (her bottom) is sore, but she is in otherwise good spirits.

Today, she made a shark with the craft group and had music therapy.  As usual, she giggled over Mr. Pawel (her first crush!) and loved playing the ukulele.

Yesterday, Abby and Matt were able to meet the Minions and go to a special hospital showing of Despicable Me 3!  Abby was thrilled to see it!!

I loved seeing this sight as I walked down the hall!  The Minions were waving to kids on the oncology floor who were unable to come downstairs to meet them.  If you look closely, they are lining the windows.  😍

While they were at the movie, I was trained on Abby's new machines by our homecare company.  These will both fit our needs much better.  

This is me taking our new vent/bipap for a walk.  Lol!

For the weekend, we are just hanging out and trying to make the best of being in the hospital.  The wound vac should be taken out on Monday, so we are hoping the end of our latest "vacation" is near!

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