Saturday, July 22, 2017

Puppy Love

Abby loves anything related to baby animals.  She's a sucker for the YouTube videos showing baby animals, likes looking at pictures, and is beside herself when she sees baby animals in person!!

An opportunity came up for us to meet some brand new lab puppies in person.  After thinking a little, we figured out a way for Abby to see them while still maintaining her safety.  We drove to the person's house and brought a few of the puppies out to the car to see Abby!  She was beside herself all day until it was time. As you can see, she was ecstatic when she met them!

There are silver, chocolate, and yellow labs.  Caleb loved the chocolate, but Abby and I adored the silver named Luna!

They are the sweetest little things and Abby is already asking when we can go see them again!

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