Thursday, May 2, 2013

What are "Improvements" in Prenatal Testing Really Improving?

I just read this article and found it to be pretty interesting.  It discusses the improvements in prenatal testing--specifically the tests that can be done in a less-invasive manner and much earlier in the pregnancy.  But are they really improvements?

I am pro-prenatal testing.  100%.  But not in the way that it is generally used.  Living in our rural town, I want to know if there is any reason for me to deliver at a bigger, better-equipped hospital.  If a test shows up even questionable, I'll be high-tailing it to Baltimore in a heartbeat!

Unfortunately, I would venture to say that the majority choose prenatal testing to see if there is "something wrong" with their child so that they can "take care of it."  (For the record, there is never "something wrong" with your child!!!!!  But that's for a different blog post...)  I even read a comment from a reader where I found this article who said that people who would never choose to abort shouldn't bother with prenatal testing.  I disagree.

I was completely floored enough with Abby's newborn diagnosis, and we did at least know some of the concerns!  I would have been completely knocked out if we had delivered at our local hospital expecting to have a healthy baby girl, only to find out that our daughter could not breathe on her own and would have to be medivaced to Baltimore while I stayed 2 hours away.  No flippin' way.

I think it is amazing that medicine has come so far that they are able to find out so much information in a simple blood test.  My biggest fear with the prenatal testing improvements is that it is going to mean more and more "medical" abortions.  All I can say to that is...I'm so thankful that I chose life.

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JoanBensMom said...

Love this post and completely agree with your thoughts. (Amen!)