Monday, May 13, 2013

Flutter Byes

We're raising butterflies again!  We did this two years ago when Abby was still very little (and very vented!), so it has been so fun to watch her become interested in their life cycle.  Every day she torments them checks them out to see how they're doing, and the last 2 hatched today!

You may remember that two years ago, we had a special needs butterfly named Butter.  Well, guess what?  Apparently, we are the chosen family for all of the little ones who need some extra love, because we got another special needs butterfly this time around!  This poor little guy has mangled wings.  There have been many times that I thought he was officially in butterfly heaven, but then he would move around a little more.  He's a resilient little guy!  Guess what we named him?

Yep. Butter Junior.

I let Abby name two, and Caleb named two.  (Butter was sort of a group effort).  Abby named her two Milk and Cheerios (can you see where her mind is?!), and Caleb named his Cookie and Katelyn.  So we have:

Butter Junior, Milk, Cookie, Cheerios, and Katelyn.  :)

The names crack me up!

Pictures are coming, but I wanted to at least be able to blog a tiny bit...I have been SO busy with no signs of stopping.  Craziness!!

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Raelyn said...

What fun!! We used to catch caterpillars as homeschooled kids growing up. It was fun!! Mom would read to us all about their development cycles. Then, we'd watch them weave themselves into cocoons, and, finally, butterflies!! There were even some moths witnessed!! ;-D
I love the names. And your "special needs" butterflies.... Too funny!! ;)