Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mom's Morning Out

The little lady had her last day of Mom's Morning Out last Friday.  This one-day-a-week program at our church is not technically a pre-school program, but the teachers do a wonderful job of doing all kinds of fabulous learning activities!  I have shared pictures in the past, but I really am amazed at all of the great experiences Abby's teacher has given her this year.

They do a very informal closing program on the last day.  I may have gotten a little teary eyed at the sight of my girl sitting up there on that stage...

My girl right before the program started

Before their Bible story, Ms. Valerie gives all of the students a little cup of Cheerios to keep them quiet so that they can enjoy a little snack while they listen.  For the closing program, she showed the parents how the Bible stories are done in their class.

Look how happy she is!!  In the beginning of the year, she wouldn't eat the Cheerios at all.  I think they usually ended up on the floor.  Now, she is usually close to finishing them! 

Ms. Valerie teaching the lesson

Abby's favorite place to be...right on Ms. Sarah's lap! :) 

No better end to a day than by eating a popsicle...which she ate almost ALL of for the very first time ever!! 

Abby with her awesome teachers!

Because Abby has a late birthday, she will be repeating this class again--which means we get another year with these fabulous ladies!  I'm so excited!!  

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Raelyn said...

Well, you have every right to get "a little teary-eyed", Mom!! ;-D
I love, love, love that first picture of Abby!! ;)
Question. Does Abby still have her g-tube "button"? I have "met" a rather unusual amount of kids through Blogging who need them. So!! This premature short-term memory loss sufferer cannot keep track of everybody!! {Although I try!!} ;-/