Monday, May 6, 2013

Oh, Genetics

Today is Genetics Day.  It was postponed in February because of bad weather, and this was the next available date.  I was in no hurry.  :)

My feelings about genetics haven't changed.  I still feel strongly that Abby shouldn't be subjected to pictures of her "imperfections" or that we should discuss these perceived imperfections in front of her. I also refuse to allow them to draw her blood (something that seems to be common) unless they can give me a very specific reason.  The child has had SO much genetic testing in her young life!  Unless you've got something new to test for, you're not drawing her blood.  She's had enough.

I'm hoping that this new geneticist is more sensitive so that my concerns aren't even warranted, but I'm skeptical.  And I'm really weary of what she can actually offer me.  We shall see!

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Raelyn said...

What "imperfections"? I see a little girl who refuses to let life bring her down. I see a little girl who God has so faithfully provided "milestones" for. I see a Beautifully Unique little girl, who was fearfully and wonderfully made.... Just as she is. I see Abby!! ;-D