Friday, May 3, 2013

It's a Milk-and-Oreos Kind of Night

Bad news:  I was rear-ended today.

Good news:   It wasn't my fault.

I was going to pick up Abby from preschool when the car in front of me stopped short as the car in front of it turned left.  I went over onto the shoulder to make sure that this car had plenty of room.  The car behind me also tried to come over onto the shoulder, but she was going too fast not to hit me.  I'm glad I moved over, or I would have probably been sandwiched between 2 cars!

It was a little more than a fender-bender; the bumper, back hatch, and left corner panel will have to be replaced.  There's also damage to the metal undercarriage behind the bumper, due to a hitch piercing the bumper.  I'm not sure if anything will need to be replaced in the undercarriage.

Thankfully, I had a witness who confirmed that the accident was the woman's fault to the police officer.  My insurance company has already put the cost on her, and I will be able to get a rental car.

Apparently, I didn't already have enough stress in my life for the month of May!   Did I mention that I have a yard sale table at our church tomorrow, Caleb has 2 soccer games this weekend, Abby has a genetics appointment on Monday, and I have tons to do for various work projects this coming week?!  It is most definitely a milk-and-Oreos kind of a night...because I have no wine.

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