Friday, March 15, 2013

The Matriarch

My Grammie , my dad's mom, would have turned 106 years old on March 28th.  She was born in 1907 and didn't have electricity or running water until she was 12.  I heard quite a few stories about the outhouse!  

Grammie was admitted to the hospital last Sunday with a punctured and collapsed lung, so we knew her time was short.  She passed away on Wednesday, but even in her final hours, her stubborn German spirit shined through and she lived much longer than the doctors predicted!  Her stubbornness lives on in the younger generations, I think.  :)

While we will definitely miss our feisty matriarch, it's pretty amazing that she had such a long and full life.  It's even more wonderful knowing that she is now in heaven worshiping Jesus!  I also know that she was looking forward to seeing her husband again, whom she lost 20 years ago.  

We will miss you, Grammie!  You were a beautiful, feisty, amazing woman!

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Raelyn said...

Please accept my most heartfelt condolences for your Grammie.
Her stubbornness was passed onto little Abby, that is for certain!! ;-D