Monday, March 18, 2013

Doggie Update!

We are officially approved to get a boxer from Adopt a Boxer Rescue!  I spoke to one of the head volunteers on Sunday.  Because we're going to be in Baltimore for the summer, we both agreed that it would be best for all involved--especially the poor, confused doggie!--if we waited until after we got back in August to get a dog.

That being said, it is difficult to find a dog that is known to be good with small children.  Most come from difficult circumstances and haven't been with kids before, so it's impossible to know.  They won't place a dog in our house that they are unsure of, because Abby is too little.  So....we left it with the idea that if they find the absolute perfect dog for us that is gentle and wonderful with children, as well as fitting our other requests, then they will give us a call.  Otherwise, we are going to wait until August.

In the meantime, check out this sweet girl named Grace.  :)


Raelyn said...

Grace is beautiful!! And an adult, as opposed to a puppy!! I love "second chance" dogs!! Are you planning to keep her name? That is what experts advise. But without knowing my Rose's name, I broke their rule!! She learned it in ONE DAY!! I was impressed with my bright girl!! You know, I would break that rule again in a heartbeat!! ;)
Adopting canines is an enormous life change!! Prior to bringing Rose into our family {We do not have small children!!}, I prayed for her. We each had our requests, so I added them. God answered everyone's prayers and then some!! Rose is a good girl!! ;-D

Raelyn said...

Rose was also the second canine we considered. God had not preordained Carli Ann as mine!! But she was immediately adopted alongside her brother!! ;-D