Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Abby has been at the library a lot recently!  We're trying to help her to feel more comfortable communicating in social situations, so Matt takes her to the Monday Morning Movie (which is really more story time than movie, which I like!) and I take her to Story Time on Thursdays.  She is also usually there one evening a week while I tutor.

Needless to say, she recognizes the library when we drive up!  As I parked the car, she announces, "I'm HEEEEEEE-ERRRRRRE!"

Then she went right up to our favorite children's librarian and told her plain as day, "I'm wearing Pull-Ups!"

Not exactly the greeting I was going for, but when you have a kid that won't talk to other people, you take what you can get!

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Raelyn said...

I love Abbyisms, by the way!! And she reminded me of myself as a girl for one singular moment!! "I'm wearing Pull-Ups!"? I would have announced something like that!! Crack. Me. Up!! ;-D