Friday, November 16, 2012

Therapy Guilt

I came across this post from one of my favorite blogs, Love That Max.  It was exactly what I needed in that moment.

Because of all of the speech and gross motor issues going on right now, my head spins with all of the different exercises we are supposed to be doing.  There are times when I totally forget about the exercises in the craziness of the day until after Abby goes to bed and I have a minute to think!

We do work incredibly hard with Abby, but we're only human and sometimes we forget or get busy.

The speech therapist we saw at our cleft palate clinic gave me some good advice.  She said I need to give myself permission to relax the therapy every now and then and just have fun with Abby.

She's right.

Just like the post above says, there's plenty of developmental goodness in tea parties and playing in a dollhouse without "therapizing" everything.  I've been so worried about the development that I've started to force the therapy.  That isn't fun for anybody and goes against everything I believe about a therapy lifestyle.

This isn't anything that our therapists have forced on us.  It has nothing to do with them and everything to do with me.  They are wonderful and keep telling me to relax.  :)  My new perspective is helping me to take a step back and attempt to do just that.

So this weekend, I'm looking forward to playing outside, visiting a friend, and maybe even a tea party or two.  :)

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