Saturday, November 17, 2012

Not a Baby...

In a rare moment by myself, I was standing in line in Walmart and the woman behind me commented on my vast array of baby food.  "Awww!  You have a baby!  How old?"

I smiled and thought for half a second before I said, "Well, she's two."

Slow nod and smile that doesn't quite meet her eyes and the judgmental look settles on her face.  "Oh.  I see..."

I smiled and offered, "She's just not quite out of purees yet."  Then there was awkward silence and a weak smile.

I was thankful for the beep of the signature pad reminding me to sign for my receipt.  Then I hightailed it out of there with my multiple bags of baby food for a child who is not a baby.

Yes, it is hard having a child who eats so differently from others her age.  Yes, we still get judgmental looks and comments.  No, the feeding is not going any easier and she has actually pretty much refused all food since her illness a week ago.  Yes, I'm frustrated.  No, this interaction with the woman at Walmart was not at all helpful.

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Karen said...

I totally know that feeling! Hope Abby is feeling better.