Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Caleb's Gala Date

 Caleb's date for the gala was the lovely Abby O., who we have known for a very long time.  

She was actually there to help us take care of Caleb and Abby, but don't tell Caleb that.  As far as he knows, she was his date.  Shh!  :)

They danced the night away, and he may have even asked, "May I have this dance?" when "Call Me Maybe" came on.  The excited words, "Oh, this is my jam!" may have even come out of his mouth!!!  I can't make this stuff up, folks!

He did save one dance for his Momma!

In all seriousness, Abby was a humongous help and we were so thankful to have her there!  She was wonderful about taking Abby and Caleb to the Green Room for a few minutes when the talking got a little long, and waited on the wings while we spoke just in case we needed to send an antsy little person off stage...we did!  Plus, she's just a super fun girl who goes with the flow and put up with tight quarters in our room for the night.  

Welcome to the family, Abby!

PS:  I love Caleb's expression here!  So noble!

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