Friday, November 23, 2012

Attempting to Take Photos of Uncooperative Children, Take 2

We have a beautiful lace-leaf weeping Japanese Maple in our backyard that is a deep purple in the summer and a bright red in the fall.  I thought it the perfect place to get a few pictures of the kids.

Caleb and Abby thought otherwise.  

Caleb flat-out refused to sit there.

Abby sat because she's too  young to realize she can just run away she's compliant like that, but she fussed the whole time.  Fussy Faces don't make for pretty pictures.

I took one of myself, because I sit still and smile when I'm told.

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Rachel and Daniel said...

Hi Julie! My name is Rachel and my husband and I are friends with Mike and Lindsey Avink. Our 6-month old was born w/a rare disorder affecting his diaphragm and is trached now. Linds told me about your blog. I wanted to let you know that I will be systematically reading your entire story. :)

I've only read a couple posts, but it's already been such an encouragement. Thanks for sharing pieces of your sweet family. Your daughter is beautiful! And congratulations on her decannulation!