Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Red Shoe Shuffle

I registered our family for The Red Shoe Shuffle last night.  I'm so excited to raise awareness and support for an organization that we love so much.

If you are interested in joining our team, The Joy Runners, we would love to have you!!!  You can register at the link above.  Make sure that you click on our team when you're registering.  

Not into doing a 5K, or not local?  Please consider donating to our team.  All funds raised will go toward the purchase of a new bus for the House so that families can get to the nearby hospitals.

My goal is to raise at least $1,000 myself, and I'd love to see the team be at least 40 members!  That would be amazing!

I wrote this last year after we finished the Shuffle.  I hope it gives you a glimpse into why this is so important to us.

You see, for us, it wasn’t just a 5K to raise money for a great charity. Being there, standing outside of the House that we lived in for so long, walking on streets that I could drive through with my eyes closed, listening to over 1,000 people cheering for the RMH kids that were too sick to come outside the house, watching my brave young friend Brooke sound the starting gun, holding my daughter’s hand to help her walk over the finish line…this is so much more than a 5K.
It isn’t about feeling sorry for sick kids who are away from their homes. It wasn’t gloom and doom and sad faces. It was a celebration of life!
This is hope. This is faith. This is love.
My heart was bursting at the thought of so many people wanting to show love to The House That Love Built. The signs along the course reminded us of the reason we were doing this. RMH families got “We Are Family” stickers to wear so that people could put faces with the cause. Volunteers, police officers, fireman, high school teams, and mascots cheered us on along the way.
If you had told me in late October of 2010 that our entire family would be participating in a 5K to benefit the Ronald McDonald House, I would have tearfully told you that you were crazy. If you had told me that Abby would walk across the finish line holding my hand, I probably would have had you committed! But we did, and she did!

Please consider joining us or donating to our team!  Thanks so much!

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