Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Last week, on Thanksgiving, I told you I was thankful for the love that these two have for each other.  

Here's the proof.

This week, I'm still thankful for that.  They are so sweet together!

In other, unrelated news, my lack of posting has been due to an issue I've been having with Google saying I have used up my photo storage allotment.  After a week of trying to figure out a way around it (without deleting precious photos from my blog!), I broke down and paid for the cheapest subscription.  Since it took me 5 years to fill up the free allotment, this storage should last me a while!  It's still frustrating though.  :(


Danika said...

You don't know me, I found your blog from someone else's (hope that doesn't make me sound like a freaky blog stalker!). I have never commented, but I enjoy reading about your life and I'm thrilled Abby is doing well!
I recently ran into the same space issue problem with my blog and my tech-savvy bro-in-law found a free workaround solution! I found your email address on your blog profile so I will email it to you. Hope it helps! Happy Holidays!

Raelyn said...

Hi. Remember me? I am sorry for no longer commenting on your Blog. However, I have still been reading it!! Faithfully. ;-D
I am so pleased with how far God has taken you with Abby.... What a doll she is!! ;)
I love the Christmas-themed look on this Blog.... Plus you updated pictures!! ;op