Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Thoughts

This has been an interesting Valentine's Day.  Without accusing the innocent (or not-so-innocent), I wanted to share a few things Matt and I have learned from today's experience:

Hormones and Valentine's Day don't mix.  I am currently on some hormone therapy that is causing me to be a little hormonal, which was intensified by today's events.

Always, always do something for your spouse on this Hallmark holiday.  If you don't, be prepared for much gnashing of teeth.

NEVER blame your lack of Valentine's preparedness on the weather.  It doesn't matter that we had two blizzards (41 inches of snow) in one week.  That excuse with get you nowhere.

Playing a favorite song "Apologize" does help a teeny bit.  Playing the song that we danced to at our wedding does too.

Calling your spouse names doesn't help.  Although, it may help you feel better momentarily.

Acknowledge that the other person is upset and tell them they have a right to be!  Justifying it will get you nowhere.

Lastly...when you buy your spouse tickets to see the hockey team he/she has wanted to see for ages with two of your closest friends, never regret giving them when he/she gives you nothing.  It's better to give than to receive, right?!

(Yes, we have made up...sort of...dinner at Chesapeake Grille and ice cream at Maggie Moos, coupled with my new Lady Antebellum cd that I bought myself softened the blow a little bit...)


Me said...

wow...this is probably the first time i have gotten to "see" that you and matt are regular people...i am definitely going to take your question would be something like this: what if you were depending on something like the mail system but it was stopped because of the weather? would the weather be a legitimate excuse in that case?

Caleb's Mom said...

I'm not sure who this is--Dale? Michael?--but yes, the mail not being delivered as a result of the bad weather would have been an acceptable excuse. That was not the case in this situation.

Yes, we are regular people who get in regular fights who forget to buy their spouses gifts on regular Valentine's Day!