Saturday, February 20, 2010

Treasure Hunt

Caleb:  Hide your eyes, Momma!  I'm going to hide a treat for you to find.

Me:  (closing eyes) Okay!  Sounds fun!

Caleb:  No peeking!  Ready?  Find it!

Me:  Okay...what am I looking for?

Caleb:  (in a sing-song voice) I'm not telling you!

Me:  Hmmm, it might be hard for me to find then, if I don't know what I'm looking for!  Can you tell me if I'm hot or cold?

Caleb:  (while I stay in one spot) You're hot, you're cold, you're in a hot spot, now you're colder...

Me:  (after looking for about 5 minutes) Well, that's not so helpful.  Can you give me a hint, Caleb?

Caleb:  (pointing) look behind the rocking chair!

Me:  (looking) there's nothing there, Caleb...

Caleb:  Exactly!  Surprise!

He had no idea why I was laughing....

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