Monday, February 8, 2010

Not Me! Monday!

*  We definitely did not receive close to 30 inches of snow on Friday-Saturday.  We certainly aren't getting 6-10 more inches tomorrow night on top of it!  I have not been stuck in the house since Friday and am not anxiously awaiting breakfast tomorrow at Bob Evan's before tomorrow's storm! 

*  In desperation to get Caleb outside for a few minutes, I didn't suggest that he take his bird caller out and try to summon the birds.  This idea didn't work like an absolute charm to get my reluctant boy to begin playing in the snow!

*  While stringing Fruity Cheerios on string for the birds today, Caleb didn't eat more Cheerios than he put on the string! 


Lori said...

Hey Julie, so after reading your post, I said to Dave, "let's go out to breakfast in the morning!" He thought it seemed odd that I was suggesting it so I explained I got the idea from your blog and that you were going before the storm! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sara's cheerio creation blew off the tree and onto Bruce's police car...a hood ornament of sorts!