Monday, February 22, 2010

The First Date

Matt and I chaperoned Caleb's first date on Saturday night.  They had a nice dinner, chatted a bit over ice cream, played with the Handy Manny tool bench, and finished off the night with a warm bath before heading off into their (separate) beds!  :)

***Jenn and Steven had a rescheduled event to go to down our way, so we eagerly agreed to watch Emma for the evening!

Right after dinner, the hugging began!  Caleb gave Emma a hug, and then she didn't want to stop!!  It was soooooo cute.

She is the Kelly to his Handy Manny!  Emma was amazed with the screws and nails.

The girl really is a heartbreaker....just as long as she doesn't break Caleb's!

Bath time was loads of fun!  Caleb loved having a playmate, and Emma loved the plethora of bouncy balls we have in our tub. 

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