Monday, February 1, 2010

Nemo the Ugly Fish

We have a new pet in the Leach household.  His name is Nemo and he's an ugly fish.

Let me start over.  Caleb loves his weekly visits to the pet store where he can hang out with all of the animals he's never going to be allowed to have...rats, mice, ferrets, birds, etc.  They're all his buddies!

Amy got the idea to give Caleb a fish for his birthday, which we thought was great.  It would give him a little responsibility and independence with limited work for us!  So she takes Caleb to the pet store on a Thursday while Sara is at preschool and he picks out a Beta fish.

When I come home and see the fish, I can't help but think about how UGLY this poor fish is!  Betas are normally pretty blues and reds.  Nope, not this one!  This one is a funky tan color...not even yellow.  Poor guy.

Caleb wanted to name him Rachel.  After convincing him that he did not want to be given a girly name, Caleb decided that Nemo would be a good name. 

So, this fish that is neither orange nor a clown fish is named after the strikingly beautiful Disney character.  And did I mention that it's ugly?!

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