Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The New Girl in Town

As I blogged about earlier, my parents lost their beautiful dog Maggie last week.  As my mom always says, "It's not a home without a dog!"  We're just dog people.  I completely understand their yearning for a dog to pet!

They are now finding comfort in their new rescue, Heidi.  She's a sweet, skiddish girl who wasn't shown a whole lot of love at the puppy mill where she was raised.  Now, though, Heidi-Who has retired to the lap of luxury!

All of our boxers' middle names have rhymed (Becky Sue, Penny Poo, Maggie Moo) so I've dubbed Heidi "Heidi-Who." 
Heidi didn't wag her tail until Penny came to visit!  She was happy to be around another dog for a while.  They are already good friends!

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