Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grace, Please!

We've been talking a lot about grace with Caleb recently and trying to use the word so that he begins to gain an understanding of it.  Sometimes (definitely not all of the time!) when he gets in trouble and deserves a spanking, we tell him that we are going to grant him a little grace like God gives to us and not give him what he deserves.  (Of course, we also say that if we have to speak to him again, he will get a spanking!)

This morning, Caleb asked me if he could move the blankets off of the chair so that he could sit in it.  I told him no, they needed to stay in the chair.  I was just getting into the shower and warned him that if I came out of the shower and saw the blankets on the floor, he would get a spanking. 

Naturally, the blankets were on the floor and he was sitting on the chair when I came out of the shower!  I asked him if he was supposed to push the blankets off and he said no.  I asked him what I said would happen if he pushed the blankets off and he said he would get a spanking.  I called him over to receive his punishment and  he asked very sweetly, "Momma, can I please have some grace?"

This was one of those moments when I had to turn my head so that he couldn't see me smile. At least something is getting through!

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