Monday, January 11, 2010

Computers, Carnivals, Cotton Candy, and Caleb

My computer has been on its death bed for a few weeks, resulting in not being able to check timecards for Stacked Systems or blog.  We have internet access through our iPods, but it is really REALLY difficult to write a substantial blog using a tiny touch screen!  My dad has ordered a new part for our laptop, so hopefully it will be back in business soon!

Saturday was Caleb's birthday and we had a carnival party.  It was so fun!  We had a ball pit and played ring toss, and he had a circus train cake and snow cones for dessert.  Lots of sugar and 14 hyper children, but I think everyone had a blast. 

Somehow (I still don't quite know how) I miscounted the number of containers of cotton candy and ended up one short...which means the birthday boy didn't get one.  I didn't think he noticed, but while I was at a baby shower yesterday, Matt said that Caleb realized he didn't have one and demanded that they go to those kids houses and get his cotton candy back!  (They had a nice talk about being an indian giver!)

I can't believe Caleb is 3. I remember January 9, 2007 so vividly, almost like it is a video that I have watched repeatedly!  I remember Becky laying her head on my belly all afternoon as if she could sense what was happening.  I remember calmly watching TV for most of the day while I dialated (unbeknownst to me!) from 2-7 cm.  I remember calling Matt at work and mentioning that he might want to think about heading home.  I remember eating 3 granola bars in the car because I knew I wouldn't be able to eat anything else.  I remember being terrified that they were going to send me home and being ecstatic to discover that I was 7 cm (but still confirmed that they were going to keep me!!)  I remember trying to play Scrabble but losing to Matt because I was too distracted...possibly the only time he won!  :)  I remember them breaking my water to get me to 10 cm and then beginning to push.  I distinctly remember Matt popping my hip out of socket by the way he held my leg and pushed back on it during my first push and yelling that it hurts only to have the nurse reply that it was going to hurt but that I needed to keep going....they all got a good laugh at my expense when they realized what had actually happened!  I remember pushing, and pushing, and pushing, and pushing...for 2 hours and 41 minutes.  I remember that first cry and the amazement of it and and feeling like I was having an out-of-body experience.  I remember when Dr. Strider laid Caleb on my stomach and seeing him for the first time.  It was incredible.  *sigh*

Alright, enough sappiness.  I love my little boy more than anything.  He is my world.  Happy (belated because I couldn't blog on your actual birthday) birthday, Caleb-Boy! 

PS:  I will post pictures as soon as I get my laptop back.  I have lots from my camera and some professional shots to show you!!  :)

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