Saturday, January 23, 2010

Caleb and Emma's Trip to Lancaster

Here are a few highlights from our trip to Lancaster!

Caleb took Emma for a ride on his "tractor!"

Then he took her on a ride on the bulldozer!

Caleb rode with Daddy on the Frog Hopper--they went super high!

Emma loved the cows!

This wasn't even posed!  She looks like a little jailbird!

There was a great puppetry/ventriliquism show at Dutch Wonderland.  It was very cute!

Steven and Emma

This is Lucy Long-Tongue, the (much bigger) calf that Caleb bottle-fed over the summer.  We remembered her number and went to visit her in the pen with the big cows!  When Caleb started talking to her, she stuck her tongue out.  He exclaimed, "She remembers me!"  :)

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