Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yes, No

Yes, I am listening to the Alan Jackson concert going on a mile from my house.

No, it doesn't annoy me that I can hear the music loud and clear from inside my house with the TV on and the dog whining.

Yes, I have been singing along.

No, Matt has not been!

Yes, I went to a concert tonight to raise money for the Calvert Community Churches Food Pantry.

No, I did not find it entertaining.

Yes, I love my dad very much and wanted to support him, even if the concert really wasn't my style.

No, Caleb did not behave overly well (but what two year old would when he's listening to church choir music for an hour and a half?!)

Yes, I have exactly ONE paper, TWO group presentations, and TWELVE hours of class left before I am done with my master's program!

No, I will not miss taking graduate classes.

Yes, I am extremely excited about this phase of my life being over!!!!!!

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