Sunday, September 13, 2009

Always in My Heart

When you work at a camp for three summers and volunteer for several more years during the off-season, you can get a little bit attached!  So was I a little distraught when we bought a house too far away to reasonably drive to Wabanna to continue working Day Camp or run Low Elements?  Um, yeah.  BUT, adultism set in and I began to realize that it just wasn't feasible--especially when we were living on an...ahem...extremely tight budget!

Anyway, I still have a special place in my heart for this wonderful camp that taught me so much about myself and helped me build wonderful lasting relationships.  I guess the fact that I met rediscovered my future husband there isn't too bad either!

If you're looking for a fabulous camp to send your kids, look no further. Caleb will definitely be going there one day!  They have a ton of great off-season activities too.  It really is amazing.

Check out this video I found.  I love how it goes back to Wabanna roots and shows how far they've come. 

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