Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Throwing the Baby Out With the Bath Water

Let's start with this.  Caleb has a few a plethera of stuffed toys.  Somehow, they seem to be multiplying.  We got a shelf that my grandmother gave to us that we put up tonight and got two of the stuffed toys up on it.  There were many more on the floor though!  Caleb loves every toy he owns and has a lot of difficulty throws massive tantrums at the thought of parting with them.

In an effort to get a baby doll out of Caleb's bedroom and back downstairs, Matt decided to be sly.  When I was talking to Caleb during his bedtime routine, Matt chucked the baby doll behind him.  While this was supposed to go out the door and into the hallway not to be seen by our son, Baby Rachel actually hit the door and bounced off with a resounding thud.  Caleb bolts out of bed and screams, "MY BAAAAAABY!" like a terrified mother pointing to her sweet child in a burning building.  Did he cry?  Why, yes he did!

What did we do during this tantrum?  LAUGH of course!

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