Thursday, September 3, 2009

Desk Licker, Potty Dancer, and Chair Chewer....oh my!

Today was an interesting day.  In the span of 5 minutes, three things happened:

*  I stopped in the middle of teaching to watch in horrified awe as a student used his tongue to push his pencil across his desk.  His reply to my disgust?  "It's my pencil!"  We now call him Desk Licker.

*  Another student randomly jumps up just a few minutes later right after I started teaching again and begins jumping around and "dancing."  I recognize this immediately as the potty dance, but ask calmly, "May I help you?"  He loudly announced, "I gotta PEE!!!!"  I made him aware that Caleb and my dog do the potty dance.  Since he is neither two or a dog, he needs to sit quietly and raise his hand to go to the bathroom.  We now call him Potty Dancer.  (Cue the tune, "Tiny Dancer...")

*  A third child begins noisily gnawing on the back of her chair as she strattles it backwards in the middle of the lesson I am so desperately trying to finish!  I informed her that the act was disgusting on so many levels.  Who KNOWS how long it's been since those chairs have been cleaned!!!  We now call her Chair Chewer.

I'm thinking we're all ready for the long weekend!

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