Sunday, September 6, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

*  I did not have a kid use his tongue to push his pencil across his desk this week.  That would be absolutely disgusting and not becoming of 4th graders.  I have not taken to referring to this kid as the desk licker.  I do not also have a chair chewer and a potty dancer in the same class.  I have certainly taught my students appropriate fourth grade behavior and instilled in them the importance of healthy habits.  Naturally, I incorporate all of these life lessons into our Voluntary  State Curriculum.

*  I did not have Matt start a camp fire only to have it start raining on us.  Of course, when Matt asked me about the ominous weather before he started the fire, I didn't check the forecast and see that it said it would be totally clear all night!!!  I wasn't at all disappointed in this change or events.  I certainly didn't put two marshmallows on my fork and head out to our sputtering fire pit in the pouring down rain refreshing mist to get my fix.  Caleb and I didn't then run into the house to make and eat our s'mores.  They weren't good either!!

*  Caleb did not tell me today on the way to church that he was going to drive a big honkin' fishing boat  to "delivery" chocolate.  He didn't give me permission to ride as well (along with Matt and Becky) and allow me to each just one piece of chocolate. 

*  I didn't pick up a ton of baby clothes in excellent condition from a Freecycler I know.  These clothes definitely weren't little girl clothes!  That would be ridiculous!!  I didn't give them to Jenn to use for Emma....but not before I put an L in the tag of all of the clothes with the request that we get them back if we have a girl!  I don't obsess over this at all.  I have reliquished all control over the sex of any future babies because I know that there is nothing I can do.  I certainly don't lose sleep over the fact that I haven't decided on a boy name yet.  I don't agonize over said names trying to find one that sounds good with Leach. 

PS:  My top name right now is Jonathan David....with Noah Benjamin being a close second.

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