Monday, August 10, 2015

Ups and Downs

So after a great day yesterday, Abby had a lot of pain last night and today.  She was up almost every hour and really hurting.  We decided to stay another day to make sure her pain was under control.  It was better this afternoon, but she kept complaining of this one spot.  After mentioning it to Dr. C., he said that's where he had to do a lot of work breaking and manipulating the ribs.  (Ouch!!!). My poor, sweet girl!  No wonder it hurts there.  

I'm not going to say I think we will go home tomorrow this time!  Let's not jinx it again!  I'll just let you know when we are actually leaving!  Lol!  

1 comment:

Raelyn said...

It has now been one entire week sans an update on sweet, brave, Beautifully Unique Abby!! I hope that all is well and you're home!! ;)
Love you later, Raelyn