Friday, August 21, 2015

The Routine

It is sooo hard for me to find time to blog again after we get home from a hospital stay!  I have so much to do with the house, Abby needs extra care, we are going to appointments, I'm making up for lost time with Caleb, work has started up mind is racing!

Thank you all for checking in on us and asking about Abby.  She is doing well.  Recovery is a little slower this time, and she is still needing medicine most every day.  The VEPTR pushed one rib out really far, so Dr. C. had to break it and refit it.  That spot has been very painful for Abby and is sensitive to even the slightest touch.  Imagine the pain she had yesterday when a dog (not one we knew) suddenly jumped on her and knocked her down!  It was an Oxy night for sure last night.

She's pretty much back to eat the way she was before surgery now, although we are still doing a gtube feed at night for extra calories.  I'm hoping to be able to wean that soon as she eats a little more. Abby has also discovered she likes bacon!  For the first time ever, we regularly have bacon frying on the stove in our house.  Whatever Abby will eat, she can have!  Matt and Caleb are thrilled with this new development.  :)

We went to PT for the first time on Wednesday.  I gave her pain meds right before and she did great!  Our PT was so impressed with how well she did.  Besides the jumping, which she isn't allowed to do for 6 weeks, she's basically back to where she was before.  Her muscles are a little tight from being in bed for a while, but she is looking pretty good.

There is STILL no word on pre-k.  My friend's daughter at another school got her letter yesterday, so I'm hoping we will hear something soon.  I've been totally stalking our mail lady.  If Abby does get in, we need to quickly schedule a meeting to revise her IEP (it is currently written as if she is only getting speech and PT on an outpatient basis, not as a student in a classroom), and I also need to meet with all of the nursing staff to create her medical plan.  None of this can be done until she is officially a student.  Come on people!  Time is ticking away!!

So that's what has been going on here.  I'll try to be better with updates!  I have new family pictures to post too!!!

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Thanks for the update, Friend!! ;)
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