Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bumps in the road

Abby has had a few bumps the last few days.  She has been needing oxygen off and on, even while awake (and always at night).  After a ct scan of her chest to check on the veptrs, they found she has a pleural effusion (fluid around the outside of the lungs).  This is why she's been struggling.  It's nothing we haven't dealt with before, but still frustrating.  

Good ole Joanna Resident said she was going to call general surgery to put a chest tube in.  Ummm...have you talked to pulmonary?!?!  I educated her on how Lasix works wonders on fluid on the lungs (she had no idea...) and that she really needed to consult with Abby's pulmonologist before considering a chest tube.   Yeah....this batch of orthopedic residents is something special, I tell ya.  And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I do not leave Abby.

 She is also having trouble keeping food down.  The first episode had blood in it, which was a little troubling.  The second episode was normal, but we still would really like for her to keep some food down!!

So while there was talk of us going home tomorrow, that's off the table.  I need her to do a day without needing oxygen while awake, and I'd like for her to be tolerating feeds.  

When I get weighed down by medical stuff, I get factual.  It's a coping mechanism, I know.  But we are all dealing with a lot right now, so we would love your prayers.    

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