Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Matt made a side-by-side comparison of the ribs.  I have many before-veptr X-ray pictures, but I can't find any right now!  I'll keep looking.  

The difference in Abby's breathing is remarkable.  She is so calm and taking great breaths, where previously her breaths were very shallow and fast.  I commented to the resident how much better her breathing isOrthopedics resident came.  I commented on how much better her breathing was than previously post-op.  He said it was amazing to see the before/after in the or.  He could see the ribs trying to expand, but they just couldn't.  As soon as the veptr was in, the ribs and lungs fully expanded and the breathing dramatically improved. I told him he needs to video that sometime.  SO cool!!!

Abby's life is nothing short of a miracle, and God has been with us every step of the way.  He has given Dr. Campbell such a wonderful gift and we are blessed to have him as Abby's surgeon.  Thank you all for praying!  Abby is pretty much just sleeping off the anesthesia with short painful times of being awake before the next pain pump dose kicks in, but like I tell her...every day will get a little bit better.  For today, we are thrilled with the success of the surgery!


Sherry Burcham said...

So happy to hear that Abby is improving. Poor baby. Thank heaven for such a great doctor And strong family :)

dave said...

glory & grace, thanks for sharing testimony.

Anna Carpenter said...

Praising oor Heavenly Father with you and continuing to pray.