Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Post-op day 2

Abby is doing great!  Her pain is pretty well managed, but we also aren't making her do much yet.  She's on a little oxygen, but can probably come off when she fully wakes up instead of drifting in and out of sleep.  They are letting her have clear liquids and will get food today. 

 It actually sounds like we might move to the floor today! They haven't rounded yet to make it official, but 2 fellows said we would.  This is good news...the girl next to us sleeps with the TV blaring.  I finally asked her to turn it down at midnight. Her pulse ox also beeped all night because the albuterol nebulizer she has messes with the yeah...not a lot of sleep!  I've come to expect that in the picu...or in the hospital in general!

A new Joe Resident came in at 5 am yelling "Abigail!  Abigail!  Can you hear me?!" Like she's in cardiac arrest or something.  It scared me to death!  

He just wanted to look at her back.  

Yeah, dude, you don't even need to wake her up to do that!  She was on her side!

One of Abby's wound drains hadn't been working and it was a little concerning because of the risk of infection.   For whatever reason, the drain decided to work at that moment when the resident was here. He did nothing (I rolled her, so it wasn't even that), but took credit for making it work. Lol!  She's draining like a champ now.  

I've come to the conclusion that orthopedic residents are a special, special breed.  They should make tshirts. :)

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