Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Carnivore

Ya'll know how much of a battle it has been to get Abby to eat, right?  (If not, where have you been?!)  Recently, we've realized she LOVES meat!  The girl will chow down on steak and chicken!  In fact, tonight she ate over 30 pieces of lemon-herb chicken...independently!!  (This is HUGE because she doesn't really do any independent eating.)  She just kept asking for more and happily popping pieces in her mouth!  It was amazing!

The other interesting thing she has been doing is asking us what kinds of foods we like to eat.  This may not seem like a big deal, but Abby has never shown any interest in ANY type of food.  She has been completely indifferent to tastes and never seemed to find enjoyment in anything she ate.  So the fact that she is now asking what foods we like and sharing what she likes is a big step.  (By the way...when I asked her what her favorite foods are, she answered chicken and steak!)

Pretty exciting!  I'm hoping we can keep this momentum going!

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