Saturday, October 4, 2014

Enjoying Nature

Caleb, Abby, Caleb's friend, and I visited a local farm today for a little fall fun!  In addition to the typical corn maze and hayride, each weekend they have a different special family-friendly event to enjoy.  When we went, we made scarecrows.  And when I say we, I actually mean me
The kids jumped in the corn pit to their hearts’ content while I sneezed and itched as I stuffed clothes full of hay.

After making scarecrows, we bought our tickets and hopped on the hayride to tour around the beautiful farm country.  

For some reason, barns and fields are symbols of simplicity for me.  I felt like we had turned back time to the 1930s!  There was even a small pond with resident ducks to complete the picturesque setting.

After a 10 minute ride, the farmer stopped at the barn and let us off to visit some of the animals they have on the farm.  For 50 cents, the kids were able to feed the goats, cows, and pigs.  Of course, this pleased them to no end.  The goats succeeded in getting a big belly laugh out of Abby as they gently nibbled her hand for any extra crumbs they may have left!

Once the food ran out, the animals were no longer interested in us!  We climbed back onto the wagon to ride back to the main building of the farm.  Because a small pumpkin was included in the ticket price, we each picked out one to become the “head” of our scarecrows. 

 I let the kids draw faces on them once we got home to complete our creations.

Of course, we had to run through the corn maze a few times before we left!  The cool thing about this corn maze is that it is actually Sorghum, which is much shorter and easier to see through.  This makes it much nicer for younger children…and the parents who are worried they might get lost in the corn maze! 

Caleb and his friend were quite adventurous and probably would have stayed in for another hour, but Abs was about ready to lose it from exhaustion at that point.  It was time to head home! 

Fun afternoon!  Both age groups had fun, and I was successful in pulling them away from the electronics and getting them outdoors in the fresh air for a few hours.  Mom for the win!

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