Saturday, October 18, 2014

My New Favorite Appliance

This pretty lady is all mine now, thanks to a great find on the online yard sale!  I have been wanting one for a while, but wasn't willing to shell out the money.  This is in perfect condition and was less than half price!  Yippy!!


Bradford Mckenzie said...

It great to know that you were able to find a coffee maker online. I have at least one cup of coffee every day, so I can understand why you were excited to have found this appliance. I never thought of checking out online yard sales for appliances, but now I want to see what appliances I can find online.

Bradford Mckenzie @ Heber Appliance

Lisa said...

What a great find! I'd love to get a coffee machine but I also don't want to shell out a fortune. How does an online yard sale work? Sounds like it's something I should look into, as I'm always looking for a bargain. The colour of your machine is very nice; hope the coffee tastes as good as it looks!