Thursday, October 23, 2014

Farm Fun With Emily!

Emily just fits right in with our family.  She jumps right in and helps with the kids, chats easily, and just seems to be one of us!  I am so thankful that God sent her to us.  We ALL love her!

After church on Sunday, we visited a local farm.  Our family tends to make the farm circuit around this time of year because we really enjoy the fall festivals.

The first places we hit were the moon bounce and slide.  Abby was really excited...until we got over there and she saw all the rowdy kids!  She knows her limits, so she waited a while until it was a little calmer.

We have no idea who this little girl is on the right.  She grabbed Abby's hand and went on down with them...

We visited the animals, which is another favorite of my kids.  They love petting the animals and getting them to eat out of their hands!!

After waiting in line for the hayride, we rode it down the country rode until we had a view of some beautiful farmland!  The hayride took us to the pumpkin patch.  

After we paid for our pumpkins and put them in the car, we went through the corn maze.  This one was quite a bit bigger than the one we went to a few weeks ago, and I think Abby was getting tired toward the end!  Caleb liked leading the way though.  

Of course, I had to subject them to a few photo boards...

The kids enjoyed playing in the corn pit!  (Of course, what fun would it be without a few kids with absent parents who throw corn at the other kids?!)

We topped the day off with some delicious apple cider slushies.  Yum!

Seriously, doesn't she just look like one of our family?!  LOVE that girl!!

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